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In mingles relevant information about dyslexia with humor as she shares her experiences with from primary grades through adulthood.  As a teacher of over thirty-five years and as an advocate for persons with dyslexia—her experience and insight invaluable.
has seen the and even abuse that some persons with dyslexia have suffered. While the author has dealt with who deny the existence of dyslexia, she has pushed forward with vigor and passion, sometimes at great personal sacrifice.
Dyslexia: A Teacher’s Journey gives you vital information and advice on what dyslexia is, and how you can find help for yourself or a loved one. The back of the lists websites, books, and organizations that can help individuals or families dealing with dyslexia.
Ruth’s fight for the educational rights of dyslexics will make you laugh, inspire you, and most importantly inform you of the role you can play in helping all persons with dyslexia.
Her story can help present and future generations glimpse the past, best live in the present, and for the future.