Dyslexia: A Teacher's Journey, Memoir - About Ruth Lature
About Ruth Lature

Ruth grew up on a Kentucky farm and currently lives in Western Kentucky.  She borrowed money and worked two jobs to complete an undergraduate degree with honors at Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN.

Vowing that she would not become a teacher, she began teaching reading in a middle school in 1965.  Returning to school many summers and evenings, she earned a masters degree in elementary education from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.

This teacher, who found school so torturous as a primary student that she would run away from school or play sick to stay home, was determined to earn a second masters degree in psychology from Austin Peay State University.

She taught thirty-five years in public school systems where she quickly developed a passion for students with reading disabilities.  At a time when persons with dyslexia where grossly misunderstood, Ms. Lature took advantage of the sparse opportunities to become trained in multisensory education.  As she continued to work in public education, she helped organized a low cost community program, Dyslexia Association of the Pennyrile, to teach persons with dyslexia the way they learn.
 After forty-five years, she is now Executive Director Emerita of of the Association.  "Having been a part of the founding of the Association and serving as its Director, has been, perhaps, the great accomplishment of my life," she asserts.  She continues to do private tutoring.

Besides dyslexia, her present interests are antique glassware and traveling both in the United States and abroad.  She has been to most European Counties, Russia, Israel, Costa Rico, Nicaragua, and Turkey.

The author holds a B.S. in secondary education from Austin Peay State University and two master degrees in elementary education and psychology from George Peabody College and Vanderbilt University, respectively.

Lature has taught public school for 35 years. She has been an adjunct professor at Hopkinsville Community College and Murray State University. She has been a speaker at Title I state conferences, regional IRA conferences and for the Dyslexia Association. Lature also does dyslexia workshops for associations and civic groups

The following article appeared in the Kentucky New Era newspaper on 10-22-2013

In this memoir, "Dyslexia: A Teacher's Journey," Ruth reminds us that Dyslexia occurs in people of all backgrounds and intellectual levels, that it is not a psychological disorder, that it is a learning disability, and that it prevents people from fulfilling their potential.  We have an opportunity to transform the diagnosis, understanding and treatment of Dyslexia and the book can help lead the way.  Thanks to Ruth for her leadership, dedication and commitment. — Ed Whitfield  Member of Congress