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Early Identification
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Response To Intervention

Today we hear much about Response to Intervention, an organizational pattern to prevent and assist students with reading problems, including dyslexia.  Generally, there are three level of RTI.  Students are screened when entering school to determine which students may experience reading difficulty.  Tier I students are given researched-based instruction in the regular classroom.   Students who do not appear to be responding to Tier I are elevated to Tier II and time and intensity of instruction are increased.


My school does not recognize dyslexia as a learning disability.  My principal says he/she has no one on staff trained to teach a student with dyslexia. My child's school system does not test/screening for dyslexia. What am I to do?
These are statements we hear from bewildered parents phoning or emailing our office and from their cries on social media sites. We hear from teachers, too, who are trying to meet the needs of all their students. I get requests from teachers and principals: "Come and just help us learn the characteristics.

My book: Dyslexia: A Teacher's Journey

Why did I labor off and on for at least five years, spending hundreds of hours on this book?  Certainly, not for money.  I have a story lived through soon to be 43 years of working with persons with dyslexia and their families.

Many books on dyslexia have been written by victims of dyslexia, parents, and professionals engaged in research and teaching at the university level.  I meet none of those qualifications.  I am a retired public schools teacher, current tutor in private practice, am nearing 43 years as Executive Director of a 501c3 community organization for identifying, teaching, and advocating for persons with dyslexia.